Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Wafting

This one here’s the paperback novel of THE WAFTING, which got made into a movie in 1982 by the same guys who made THE SEDUCTION OF SARAH SPECTOR and GHOST MOTEL. It’s about a chemical plant that leaks an experimental gas and when people smell it they turn into psychotic lunatics. The government wants to study it and use it as a weapon against the Russians, right, but this scientist lady traps in a lab with herself and then blows up the lab and sacrifices herself. It was so scary that when I first saw it on TV, I tried to see how long I could hold my breath so the gas wouldn’t get me. I don’t know how long I held it for, but eventually I passed out and hit my head on the coffee table. I still got a scar from it.

Planet of the Frankensteins

Oh, man, this’s an old one. PLANET OF THE FRANKENSTEINS, it’s called. I got this one on video, but the tape broke ‘cause I played it so much and they never put it out on DVD yet. This spaceship crash lands on this planet, right, and the planet is overrun by Frankensteins, and when they catch you they turn you into a Frankenstein too. The special effects were done by Nelford Ramsay, who also made the effects for ROCKET ZOMBIES FROM SPACE. I just got that movie from the three-dollar bin at Wal-Mart. You ever see that movie?

The Cobwebbing of Coldwater Grove

Hello, my friends, and welcome to my House of Haunts. This here’s the place to come if you love classical horror movies like I do. I got the biggest collection of classical horror movie stuff around, and this is where I get to share it with everyone.

This here’s a good one, man. I got this when the old Casino Theatre on Gottingen St. closed down. They were just throwing it out, and I asked if I could have it, and they said they didn’t give a care so I took it. It’s the original poster for THE COBWEBBING OF COLDWATER GROVE, which is a great movie that come out in 1980. They took it from a short story that come out in the fifties, but they put in lots more naked women and sex to make it more modern. I seen that one at the drive-in. It was some scary, too, especially if you’re scared of spiders. I’m not, but man, these are some big spiders. There’s one scene where this guy, right, he’s on the toilet, and this giant spider comes right up from behind the toilet tank and gets him. I tell ya, man, I never felt safe on the toilet after that.