Monday, March 10, 2008


What do you guys think of my new logo? I got this guy named James White to design it for me after I seen him in some magazine called FACES. For some reason, everybody calls him Gijantic Jim. It sure looks cool, though, eh? Would you say that's the best one of those you ever seen?

This here's the poster for LUST OF THE YETI. It was a movie that come out in 1976, and it starred Tanya Freeling and Burt Melman. It also starred Ted Nagel as the Yeti. He played a Bigfoot in THE BRIDE OF BIGFOOT, a Sasquatch in I, SASQUATCH, and a Wendigo in DON'T HIDE IN THE CLOSET.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This’s a good one, man. THE MUFFIN MAN. You ever see that movie? I got the VHS tape of it at the Bargain Harold’s closing-out sale for $2.99. This guy, right, this baker guy, he has a psychopathic breakdown and he starts baking people into a giant cake. There’s this one part where this girl finds a muffin, right, and she takes a bite out of it, only to realize there’s a severed finger poking out of it. This one was an Italian movie, but it had some American stars into it. The female lead was Jessica Weaver, before she got famous on the TV show THE BIRDS AND THE BEES. The Police Chief was played by Fred Dunphy, who was a well-known character actor in the 60s and 70s. I first seen him in ESCAPE FROM INCARCERATION ISLAND. I heard somebody might do a remake of this movie where they delve into the psychology behind the Muffin Man’s homicidal insanity. Man, I’d like to see that movie.